BSC-Aviation Maintenance


Bachelor of Science in Aviation Maintenance (BSC-Aviation Maintenance)
Siam Technology College has become well aware of the rapidly growing airline industry which is currently in need for maintenance engineers. The BSC-Aviation Maintenance Program provides opportunities for graduates to become experts in aircraft maintenance for different types of aircrafts. The College has owned a private airport on Ratchaburi Campus in Support of this program. Also, the College has Collaboration with private companies in Thailand, focusing on aircraft maintenance and pilot training to support and develop students to be skillful in maintaining aircrafts before Starting their Career.

Practice-oriented is the BSC-Aviation Maintenance Program to prepare graduates for their good career. We provide them with opportunity to master real techniques and skills.

Career Opportunities
– Aircraft Maintenance Services
– Management of Aircraft Maintenance
– Monitoring and Analysis of Aircraft Maintenance
– Working for Public and Private
– Agencies involved in
– Aircraft Maintenance
– Employment in Government Agencies and Enterprises